Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 12

My internet access was sporatic this weekend, and I didn't have much time to make food. I know, excuses, excuses. The good news is that after about only a week, I really just wanted simple raw foods like salads and smoothies. This should be good news anyways, if you are like me, and don't like making recipes. I do think I get bored way too easily, so I'm going to keep making two recipes a day. If anything, my mom is enjoying it! lol I think it keeps me motivated. So, since I didn't do any this weekend, I'm just going to say today was day 12. I made from the Alive in Five recipe book (which you can find on the right hand side of my blog, under recipe books used) the Fettucine Alfredo and Broccoli and Cheese. I also have some banana's freezing in the freezer for some raw ice cream! I have already had it before, so I know it tastes good-just not sure if the bananas I got were ripe enough. I bought all kinds of banana's today so I'll have some ripe ones in a few days-but I just couldn't wait to get started ;) My parents keep asking when the ice cream will be done too! It almost seems TOO easy, so I'm skeptical I can make it ok! Ok, on to the fettucine...I am just not impressed with Zucchini's for pasta, so I used quinoa and a tiny bit of semolina pasta. I figured, quinoa is close to being raw, and I didn't have to heat it up that long, and I kept it on a light simmer most of the time. I also didn't make the tomato sauce for the fettucine because it was just a ton of ingredients-I just made the parmesan cheese (out of pine nuts!) and the alfredo sauce (walnut milk! and I am excited to use the walnut milk for other things instead of milk-it tasted a lot better!) I accidentally spilled the walnut milk all over the sink trying to strain it-whoops! Luckily I made a lot so it didn't matter. The fettucine was, eh, ok. Not my favorite. I'll admit it taste like fettucine, but it was a bit too salty for my taste. My mom liked it though. I liked the parmesan cheese though. I think it would have been better with the tomato sauce. Oh, well. I am really full at least! This was my first experience with nutritional yeast (the only places around Southeast Michigan I know that sell it are Zerbo's in Livonia, and Whole Foods in Ann Arbor.) I was expecting nutritional yeast to taste just like cheese, because that's what everyone always says-but to me, it was a disappointing substitute. I have had raw fettucine alfredo that was really, really good, so maybe it was the recipe? I took Alissa Cohen's raw food chef class, and I really liked the one my instructor Beth made, and I have had some by Michael Dwyer at one of his classes at Better Health in Novi. SO, I was a little disappointed. Maybe I will have to buy Alissa Cohen's recipe book! The broccoli and cheese, same wasn't what I was expecting. Not bad, but just..."eh." It had tahini and nutritional yeast...but it tasted almost more like peanut butter!! Broccoli and peanut butter? blech. It was edible, but just not what I had in mind. I guess if you are looking for a peanut butter alternative, that would be a good recipe?! lol I think it could have called for less tahini. I had a hard time finding tahini, I had no idea what it was or where to look! It was in the baking isle! Weird. I also tried to find kelp noodles, but they are hard to find! I have only seen them at Zerbo's and one Better Health store. Oh, well. I worked out with weights today, so quinoa is a good source of protein. The tahini wasn't raw either, but oh well. Maybe I'm being too hard on the recipe-it did taste a LITTLE bit like cheese. Just if you make it, don't use a lot of tahini. It kind of tasted like diet tastes like pop, but just leaves you unsatisfied! Maybe it's because it didn't have any casein in it?! Read about my thoughts on cheese and dairy on my Michiganrawfood blog.

Pics from day 12!