Thursday, September 24, 2009

Days 9 and 10

Ok, sorry I haven't felt like updating. I'm really not sure why, but I kept putting it off. To be fair, Julie in the movie didn't have to make TWO recipes a day, or try to find practical recipes from a style of cooking (it's not even cooking really!) with all these weird ingredients. If I want to take a couple of days off from blogging, than I will! lol I did still make my recipes though. Two days ago (day 9) I made the stuffed mushroom (p. 46), raw tostadas (98), and even made chocolate pudding (p.119). I kind of made up for the day off also, since I had to make the salsa (71) again for the tostada's, so it was technically four recipes. All of the recipes in this post are from: a>
Alive In 5: Raw Gourmet Meals In Five Minutes

Other than not putting all of the ingredients in, or changing a few here and there, I followed the recipes ok with no issues. I made the food for my parents and they really liked it. Ok, my Mom more than my Dad. Since my Mom had breast cancer, she is much more interested in eating healthy. My Dad...still wants to eat whatever he wants. Oh, well. He's going to eat what I make! lol He can eat one bad meal when he's at work! My favorite was the chocolate pudding. It was soo good! I was pretty proud of it. You really couldn't tell the difference from regular pudding-and it tasted less "heavy." I didn't feel gross when I ate it. Oh, and I took some MMS and my stuffy nose went away immediately! I only made a solution of two drops and when I went to drink it, even before I swallowed it, I could feel my nose clear up! It was really crazy! I don't like to take that stuff, but I was getting desperate as it was four days with a stuffy nose. It was the kind of stuffy nose that wasn't bad enough to keep you in the house sick,but just enough to get on your nerves! I'm SO happy I can breathe ok again!!

Day 10.

Still from the same book...I tried a different chili recipe this time, hoping it would be better than the first disaster. The unbelievable chili (p.100) was well...not unbelieveable, but tolerable. My parents ate at least it wasn't so spicy it burned, but it wasn't that good. I didn't like it. I don't think I will be making any more raw chili's! I accidentally put in the tostada spice though, so I think maybe that threw off the flavor? But still, the spices in that weren't that much different from chili spice. Either way, chili is way too easy to mess up and way too picky about the spices being exact. I like to not measure and just kinda wing it-I think chili is out from now on! I was happy with the corn medley though (p. 96) turned out REALLY good. I loved it! So, that made up for the chili I guess. I'm not really losing weight, but I feel lighter....oh well. I am working out with weights so I'm probably just gaining muscle. (or so I'm telling myself! lol)

Here are day 9 and 10 pics: tostada, stuffed peppers, chocolate pudding, chili, and corn medley

Oh, and my mom wants to help pay for the recipes which is a HUGE relief. She wants me to make food for her every day, so she is going to help out! Today I found a bunch of vegan recipe books from the library that she checked out for me! :)Not raw, but hey, she is on the right track! I was just really wondering how I was going to keep affording this, and was getting sick of my recipe options. I love how when you set your mind to do something, it just falls into place. (well, if it's something you are supposed to do anyways!!) I tend to overanalyze things to death and wait until just the perfect moment...but we all know there really is no such thing as the "perfect" moment, right? Sometimes it's better to just do do what you know you need to do, and worry about the details later. I keep wanting to say screw it, I know enough about recipes now, I won't get bored. But that's ridiculous. I've made, what? 20 recipes? I'm not an expert yet. I know if I start going back to just smoothies and salads I'll get bored again. Soooo....what to make tonight? I can't spend all day making recipes like I did yesterday and get behind on work. I'm already behind by blogging...still waiting for the raw food to make me want to start waking up earlier like I've heard but alas, I still need around 9 hours of sleep!!