Saturday, September 12, 2009

One day to start....and I'm stressing out!

I am seriously getting really nervous about starting this tomorrow! Will I be able to do this EVERY day? I did a blog, 30lbsby30...and well, I think I actually gained 10 lbs. instead of losing weight! Whoops. I feel like this is different though-that was just a blog, and I didn't promote it. This is a website and blog, and I'm going to tell people about it. Not only that, but I have a video with ME on it. It's easier to hide behind a blog. It doesn't help that today started off pretty bad. I woke up with a really, really bad headache. It felt like my brain was trying to break it's way out of my skull. Ouch. So, I wasn't able to work out today. I was going to just go eat at Red Pepper Deli in Northville, Michigan, but they were closed when I got there! So much for eating healthy tonight! I was pretty angry that in order to have a nice Saturday night out, there is only ONE raw food restaurant. It's so hard to go out and have a good, healthy, organic meal...yet there were tons of fast food restaurants. How frustrating! Yes, I could have made something at home and not had anything to eat while we went to a regular restaurant-but really, why is it that way? Things just got better as I found out I was being kicked out of my room for two days. There is some good news to this story though, as I later found out when I went through the recipe books tonight to get prepared for tomorrow. Turns out I'm really understocked on kitchen utensils for most of the recipes, but my friends house that I have to stay at will have most of the things. I was looking at the recipes and saying, "I can't do this!" And he offered to help me, and even said it sounded like fun!(yeah, I don't see that yet!) I am pretty glad he will be helping me on my first day or I think I'd be in tears already! Reading through my recipe book, "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine," by Gabriel Cousens, M.D Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine, by Gabriel Cousens I quickly realized it is basically useless to me-almost all the recipes I liked required a dehydrator. I should have realized it would be a bit too fancy for me when the chili was called, "Autumnal Chili." (Page 163) Seriously, who says, "Autumnal?" Ironically, that was one of the only recipes I liked from that book.So, I'm only going to be working from Alive in 5, by Angela Elliott for awhile,Alive In 5: Raw Gourmet Meals In Five Minutes until I can buy a new book. Tomorrow I'll be making the autumnal chili, which despite having more ingredients than I care to buy, seems easy. I will also be making from Alive in 5, Spinach and Walnut Pie in a Flash.(page 92) It would seem fun if I had limitless money and time, but of course I don't. It's going to be a bit of a pain to get all the ingredients, plus I have to drive all the way to the gym tomorrow since I'm not at home. I hope this helps me change my attitude and be more laid back and accepting of things, but I don't have high hopes on this! Wow, did I ever look depressed in the Youtube video! It's really weird to see yourself on video like that. It was always one of my least favorite exercises when I went to Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. I definitely prefer being behind the scenes-but I will have to get over that again like I did for school.This is going to be very time consuming-we're supposed to be watching a movie right now, but I am on the phone with Godaddy Tech Support...and have been most of the day. When the Tech Support person says, "Ohhh no, this is NOT GOOD!! I have never seen anything like that..." you know you are in for a long night! It was rather amusing when he called my blog, "Wah-Nah-Be" instead of Wanna-be. He must have thought my website was about Wasabi that is used in sushi! :P I need to stop worrying though-this is supposed to be fun, right?! RIGHT?