Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 5...

....and still alive! Barely! Ugh. Today was NOT fun. I have to admit that doing something like this would be a lot easier if I had a more stable life. However, that is why I'm doing this-if I can, than anybody can! I find that when I eat low fast raw food meals, I don't have time to catch up at the end of the day all of my needed calories and I have to eat processed food because it is quicker. It's not really that raw is tough to do, I just need to plan things a little better. I'm still having trouble making sure I don't go overboard with raw food recipes with lots of fat, and not going under with too many low-fat recipes. It gets easier, right? RIGHT? ugh. I did notice at the gym that I was going really fast on the treadmill AFTER working out. Before it was just on my pre-work out warm up stepper that I had more energy. Now I am noticing more energy afterwards. My skin looks good without any makeup now, my lips are actually fuller (I'm more hydrated now from all the fruits and veggies maybe?) and my skin has a rosey glow (must be all the tomatoes?!) I haven't lost much weight, but than again, I'm not 100% raw right now either. I had a pear and some leftover raw lasagna and after working out made a smoothie of tons of blueberries, strawberries, and a banana. Than I made Cucado Soup and a sunshine carrot salad. And then for dinner I had a regular meal. I picked easy recipes today because I had to stay in a hotel, and it was a crazy day. My house is pretty much not a place I can stay at right now. I don't really want to talk about it, but let's just say I'm really proud of myself for managing to stay mostly raw today since it was horrible! No pics, as the food wasn't really exciting to blog about! The good news I didn't have to get a lot at Krogers today, as I had most of the ingredients already.

Day 4!

Sorry this is a bit late, but I was out until after midnight and couldn't post. I went to the Farmer's Market in Taylor, MI and got all kinds of fruits and vegetables. I got a free pear and pepper too :) The two recipes we made turned out pretty good, even though I had to kind of work around what was available (had to use kiwi since we couldn't find passion fruit, and I had a hard time finding Mango but luckily we did at Westborn Market in Dearborn, MI) The first recipe was a Raw Lasagna. I didn't use nori rolls because, well, they smell like a fish tank! Surprisingly enough though it help up pretty good without that layer when we served it. I also didn't put peppers or parsley on top, but just put carrots and basil. I was surprised with how much the sauce tasted like lasagna! Who knew Mangos would make a good sauce?! Everybody loved it, including a seven year old who thanked me for, "Giving him something healthy to eat!" Lol, gotta love kids! :) I also made some banana wraps (with kiwi instead of passion fruit) and a banana basil smoothie, which surprisingly was really good! I was really curious about that one and had to try it out! I can't believe how much everybody liked it considering they are non-rawfoodists. I definitely achieved my lower fat goal, with about 4 grams total, including the pears and blueberries I had for breakfast! The only problem was we went to a hockey game later and I was there way later than I wanted to be so I only had 626 total calories and 4 grams of fat for the day. Not good! So I had some chips and a bag of m&m's out of the vending machine at the ice rink :( I didn't want to eat that, but I know if I go under my calories I gain weight too. Oh well, it's food and I'm thankful I'm not starving, right? It could be worse :) I wasn't hungry though, but I felt I should eat something anyways. What on earth am I going to make tomorrow? It's late and I don't feel like looking anything up! I have a ton of tomatoes, carrots, pears, and blueberries...hmmm....I'm sure there is a recipe somewhere where a creative raw foodie used those ingredients! lol Here are some pics from the day (I was proud of my creations today, they looked actually good and not like cat vomit!)

Day 4 Pictures (Raw Lasagna, Banana Wraps, and Banana Basil Smoothie)