Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 3!

Survived day 3! I still have not jumped out of bed full of energy, but maybe that was from all the fat I have had the last few days. It took me a good 45 minutes or so to find a low-fat raw food recipe I hadn't tried yet, but I finally did. Unfortunately that put me really behind schedule since I decided to work out before doing any work tonight. I made a quick smoothie and drank it on the way to the gym. That's the best kind of fast food :)I have to say this was the first time in a loooong time that I didn't feel like I had led in my feet when I was on the stepper and treadmill. I actually felt like I was flying! I went to Kroger after the gym again, and I'm pretty sure they are starting to wonder about me. I am always all sweaty and only buying vegetables! lol The cashier asked me very slooowwwly, "Are you sure you found everything ok?" Yes, huh, I really just wanted vegetables and nothing else yet again! :) I think they would probably guess I'm homeless if it wasn't for the fact that I always pay with an American Express card! So, instead, they are just confused! I somehow spent more than yesterday ($10) but I think I went a bit overboard on tomatoes as I had a lot of extra's left over today. My first recipe turned out really good! I loved the soup so much! I definitely recommend it. I got it online and it's called Fresh Corn Gazpacho. I would agree with a poster on there that it was a bit much on the Apple Cider Vinegar, but it wasn't bad. Just something to be aware of if you make it-you can always add more in later if you have to! I added some carrots to it, and I also would recommend some more corn. Otherwise though, it was very good. The second recipe I made was Raw Spaghetti. I have absolutely no idea where I found the recipe at, but I remembered it thankfully when I was shopping. It was basically just some zucchini with a tomato (and spices) sauce. It was ok, but nothing that great. My sparkpeople page finally showed my fat under control today. I ate other stuff than what I added on there so don't think I only had 929 calories today, but I just don't feel like including everything! You get the basic idea though. I really recommend you do the Spark People nutrition tracker if you are trying to lose weight-it has really helped me a lot. I only wish I would have done it sooner! I'll save you the pictures from today-unfortunately, a lot of the food I make tends to look like cat vomit! Sorry for the visual, but it's true! :) Like I said before though-I'm just glad it doesn't taste that way! Sooo...what to make tomorrow?!